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According to Reykjavík's department of Welfare 349 individuals experienced homelessness in 2017. Most of these individuals use substances intravenously (IV).  There has been an increase in rooflessness or experience of homelessness in the age group of 18-30 years old, but 28% of the individuals who experienced homlessness belonged to that age group. 

In 2018 455 individuals sought out the services of Frú Ragnheiður in 3.854 visitations and the project ensured safe disposal of 2.670 liters of used equipment for IV substance use. 

Frú Ragnheiður is operated and run according to the ideaology of Harm Reduction. 

The projects mission is to service marginalized groups such as individuals who experience homelessness or are roofless and/or use substances intravenously (IV). 

Frú Ragnheiður offers needle exchange services and is a mobile health clinic. 

Special emphasis is on individuals from 18-20 years old 

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