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The purpose of ALDREI EIN charity group is to support the families of chronically ill children who have been diagnosed with the disease Neurofibromatosa (NF1). The disease is rare and incurable. 
NF1 proves to be extremely difficult in cases where it is active and it calls for a great deal of care. More often than not, both parents/guardians are the caretakers.  
Absence from work can last for a long time and as a consequence of that, financial difficulties can rise within this already difficult situation. 
Amongst other things, the goal of ALDREI EIN charity group is to strengthen and be there to support families who live under these circumstances. The name of the charity group translates from Icelandic as “Never alone” but that is also exactly what we stand for, families of NF1 children should never feel alone in their battle ♡
This time, ALDREI EIN charity group will support a 10-year-old girl, named Brynhildur Lára, who has struggled vigorously, along with her family, in her difficult case of the disease.  The need there is urgent and all help is vital.
Brynhildur Lára
More information about Brynhildur Lára and her battle can be found on her page on Facebook.
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