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Zabiegani Reykjavík was created as initiative of a group of friends brought together by passion and willingness to help others. Determination and resilience keep us moving forward both on a track as well as while working on our projects. We knew immediately after our first meeting in May 2018, that we are in it for a long run.

Our organization was registered November 22 2018. Our goal is first and foremost to support kids with permanent disability, who need long-term support. That will allow them to afford physical therapy, increase their quality of life and fight adversities that everyday life with their conditions bring.

One of our organizations projects is financial assistance program “Stypendium na życie”(“Aid to life”). Right now there is six children receiving support: Jaś, Marysia, Natan, Maja, Emil, and Lenka. Each of them receives 45 000 ISK every month. What allows us keep the program going is the engagement and endowments from individual donors. Each child has here on Iceland his own “Zbiegani Family” of 30 people. Each contributor donate 1 500 ISK for “His Child” every month for a year.

Our cooperation with businesses, fundrasing and charity runs give us as well chance to contribute to other one-off causes. With our action we would like to inspire other Poles here on Iceland to participate in life of local community. We believe, that even tiniest benevolent gesture magnified thousand times over becomes an unstoppable force.

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