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Hugrún is a mental health education programme that was established in the spring of 2016 by psychology, nursing and medical students at the University of Iceland. Since its establishment a lot of people have done volunteer work for the programme, including students and teachers from various fields at the University as well as health care professionals and many others. The programme aims to educate young people about mental health and mental illness.

Hugrún’s main purpose is to visit colleges all around Iceland to educate students on mental health. In addition to that Hugrún has held an educational evening at the University of Iceland, organized a writing campaign in the days leading up to the World Mental Health Day, given talks on mental health to youth centers, parent councils and student associations, Hugrún has a website (, which is dedicated to mental health. Last year Hugrún started a campaign called #hugud through a web magazine accessible through the website, the campaign goal is to support open discussion about mental disorders.

All proceeds go towards educating young people about mental health.

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