Grofin - Mental health empowerment center

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Grofin-mental health center in Akureyri is a open access resource for people who are struggling with the effects of mental illness and/or social exclusion, and also provides support for families.

The operation is based on the philosophy of empowerment and the recovery model. Empowerment includes the importance of people knowing their rights, having knowledge of their mental disorder and treatment offers and being able to take control over their lives, having the rigth to make their own decisions and feeling that their contribution is important. The Recovery model assumes that it is possible to recover from severe mental disorders, ranging from full recovery to a range of improved quality of life, such as well-being, function, role, purpose, health and social life with our peers. This model is based on studies of those who have recovered from mental disorders.

The goal of Grófin has four elements: To provide individuals the opportunity to work on their recovery and break their isolation; to support the family members; to provide a platform for all those who want to work on the mental health issues on peer basis, professionals as well as mental health service users; to assist in the prevention and reduction of prejudice, such as with education in the community.

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