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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs and digestive system, but even other organs such as pancreas and liver. The disease causes all mucus in the body to be thick and sticky. Bacteria easily grows in the sticky mucus in the lungs and in the digestive system, the mucus makes it difficult to break down and take up neutrients from the food. People with CF need intensive lung physiotherapy every day to minimize the risk of infections and most people need enzymes with every meal and many have a difficulty gaining waight. There is currently no cure for the disease.
Andartak‘s mission is to raise funds to support people with CF to participate in sports and/or other activities that help with the treatment of the disease, and to support the CF team in Iceland.
All runners who run for Andartak will get a free T-shirt. Please contact us through our facebook webpage or email us at and let us know what size you need. 
We will post updates and information in this facebook event 
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