Samtokin '78 - The National Queer Organization

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Samtökin '78, The National Queer Organization of Iceland, is an interest and activist group for queer people in Iceland. Samtökin '78 offer counseling services, educational lectures on queer matters, as well as running an active youth center, social club, offices and an art gallery. From the very beginning, Samtökin '78 have been an important political voice for the rights of queer people in Iceland.


The donations collected in the Reykjavík marathon 2019 will run directly to our counseling services, which are free of charge and open to anybody. Seven counselors work for Samtökin '78, which are all specialised in the queer umbrella. Our counseling services are aimed towards aiding queer people. However, their friends, families and professionals who work with queer people also make use of our services. In resent years, queer asylum seekers and refugees have made use for our counseling services as well.


Most people who use our services are dealing with matters of sexual orientation or gender identity. Many struggle with anxiety, depression, social isolation and issues with family members. In resent years, professionals, such as teachers, or other organizations approach our counseling services as well for advice and information.

211 people used our counseling service in the year of 2018-2019 and the total of counseling sessions were 516. In average, each person used our service 2,4 times. However, those numbers do not count our support groups, which are highly active and specialised for different groups within our community.


By supporting our runners, you support all queer people who look to us for advice and help, of all genders, sexual orientations, age and status, as well as aiding us to keep our service free of charge. 

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