MS-Society of Iceland (multiple sclerosis)

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Runners and their supporters are invaluable to the MS-Society and the funds collected help to promote education, social activity and service to our members.


Part of the grants that were collected in the Reykjavik Marathon 2014 and 2015 went specifically to write and publish educational brochures that received ÖBÍ's (the Organization of Disabled in Iceland) incentive award 2018 馃槉


Our motivation station is at Ólís, Ánanaustum (Granda) (see on map), where we will have great fun, dance and cheer. All runners will get applause and encouragement, but especially our runners 馃槉

MS (multiple sclerosis) is one of the most common neurological disorders that affects young people. Every year, about 25 people are diagnosed with MS in Iceland, most of them aged 20-40. It is believed that about 700 people have the disease in Iceland. Up to three times more women than men get the disease but it is not clear why. The symptoms are diverse, physical and mental, and are very individual. MS is still incurable but much progress has been made in treating the disease in recent years.


Various types of educational material, information, assistance and sales goods can be obtained from our office at Sléttuvegur 5. We are very proud of our educational materials, i.a. a very active website and a Facebook page, and our publication of magazines, brochures and leaflets. Interviews and assistance are offered by our psychologist, social worker and support group. Variety of courses, lectures and events are also offered.


We have a special youth council, a forum for social activity where young / newly-diagnosed people can get to know each other and receive support and education.


Much more on and on our Facebook-site, MS-félag Íslands.


The MS-society thanks you for invaluable support 馃槉


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