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Mindpower: personal recovery, empowerment and working together as equals.

Mindpower (Ice. Hugarafl) is an NGO which was founded in 2003 by individuals with diverse experience of the mental health system. These individuals united together with their common vision to improve the Icelandic mental health system. All of Mindpower's activity is made by a collaboration of individuals with personal experience of mental health crises (sometimes called consumers/users) and individuals with a health care profession. Participation in Mindpower is open to all adults who would like to improve their mental health on their own terms. 

Mindpower's goals are to:

  • positively impact the Icelandic mental health system.
  • share and work according to empowerment and recovery ideology. 
  • take a stand with the human rights of people who face mental health challenges.
  • eradicate prejudice against mental health issues in Icelandic society.

Mindpower and Mindpower's members organize and work on various projects, including:

  • mental health education (Ice. geðfræðsla) in primary and secondary schools.
  • peer to peer support.
  • hearing voices group for individuals with unorthodox experiences.
  • support groups for loved ones.
  • Mindpower's podcast; Klikkið.
  • youth work with Youngminds (Unghugar).
  • international collaboration projects.
  • art creation.
  • yoga for mind, body and soul.
  • conferences, summits and workshops.
  • writing articles, media coverage and giving opinions on policy drafts.

Mindpower's schedule and further information can be found on or by calling (+354) 414-1550.

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