Hjartaheill, The Icelandic Heart Association

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Icelandic Heart Association was established in October 8, 1983.

Hjartaheill are doing there best in improving the quality of life of the population by strengthening prevention and education about heart disease.

Hjartaheill will be powerful  in interest groups in the health sector in Iceland with a large and active group members. Annually 2,200 Icelanders dies, including about 800 from cardiovascular disease, 36% of all deaths each year.

Heart disease is by far the largest cause of death in Iceland!

The organization has since 2000 organized training, blood fat-, blood sugar and blood pressure measurements, oxygen saturation measurements. Has this initiative been measured extremely well for the measurements have been performed in 112 locations across the country and 13,200 people use such services.

Has already confirmed that these trips are great preventative and many persons saved from serious heart disease.

Home page  www.hjartaheill.is 
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