Icelandic Association of the Hard of Hearing

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• Heyrnarhjálp is a national of that hearing, loss of hearing, in part or completely, is suffering from tinnitus and other problems relating to hearing. The company also brings families and others interested in the issues the hearing impaired.
• The company was founded in 14th November 1937.
• The company is the second oldest club in the Disabled in Iceland with about 650 members.
• The company's goal is to protect the interests of its members at all times and promote understanding of disability and raise awareness within the company and outside of it.
• Monitor progress and innovation, enhance aid equipment and thereby to improve the accessibility of deaf community. The company scoops educational related hearing disability and Nordic co-operation in order to learn about innovations and Rights Hearing in Scandinavia. The company publishes a newsletter on its activities and distributes in education and information as possible. Also issued pamphlets on individual issues. In addition, we strive to provide services and advice, to the benefit of our members.
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