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This year you would be running for our campaign #ProtectALifePuffin as we want to put more work to protecting the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula Arctica). The puffin is an endangered species, in Iceland, on the European Red List and on the Global Red List with IUCN. For decades the puffin has been struggling due to climate change, food shortage and hunting. Our goal for the puffins is to support research and aim for a hunting ban.

Fuglavernd or BirdLife Iceland is a non-profit, non-government organisation and its goal is the protection of birds and their habitats, especially species that are threatened in Iceland. Our goals are: 

  • To foster an interest among the people of Iceland for birds and their habitat through education
  • To work with national and international bird and conservation organisations
  • To assist the research community in researching birds and their habitat
  • To work with the government and other stakeholders for the protection of birds.

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