The 10K race has been the most popular distance in the Reykjavik Marathon since 2005. The first time a 10K race was a part of the Reykjavik Marathon in 1993, 1,131 runners took part. Past few years around 7,000 runners have registered for the 10K. 

The 10K race is not recommended for people younger than 12 years old. The time limit is four hours and 30 minutes. 


    The 10K race is not recommended for people younger than 12 years old to participate. Participants in the 10 km that plan to bring a stroller/pushchair or pram onto the course can only start at the back and are asked to be careful around other runners, this israce rule no. 13, see here.


    Registration should be done here online or at the EXPO but then the entry fee will be higher. Click here for further information about registration for the Reykjavik Marathon. 


    The course goes through the greater part of Reykjavik. It is scenic and flat although some parts can be trying. The run starts at the same place as other distances, on Sóleyjargata and ends on Lækjargata, in front of the school Menntaskólinn við Reykjavík. The course is as follows: Sóleyjargata, Njarðargata, Sturlugata, Sæmundargata, Eggertsgata, Suðurgata, Lynghagi, Ægisíða, Nesvegur, Suðurströnd, Lindarbraut, Norðurströnd, Eiðsgrandi, Ánanaust, Mýrargata, Tryggvagata, and Lækjargata.

    The course is measured by a certified AIMS measurer.


    There are two stations on the route and one at the finish line by the church, Gatorade and water will be available.


    Temporary toilets are available at the start and finish area.


    The 10K race prizes are awarded to the first three men, women, and non-binary. The first man, woman and non-binary from each age group will also receive a prize. The age group awards ceremony is held on the Tuesday after the race.


    Timing is done by electronic timing. Each participant gets a number with a chip that measures the time.


    Further information regarding the Reykjavik Marathon can be found here.



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